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Getting Started with Safelist Hosting

Ezy Hosts have been involved with the use of safelists for many, many years. A safelist is still the only way to get your emails sent to hundreds and thousands of email addresses for free, and without spamming.

Basically, when you join a safelist, you are declaring that you agree to receive emails from other safelist members, in exchange for them receiving emails from you.

How do I own a Safelist?

The next step up from being a member of a safelist and exchanging emails is to become the admin or owner of a safelist. This brings with it certain priviliges, such as being able to charge members to join the list, the ability to send emails to all members (without requiring credits or emails in return). You can also grow quite a healthy, responsive list by being a safelist admin.

Adoptions and Leases

To become a safelist admin or owner, you can purchase and install your own safelist script and get started yourself. However, it is generally recommended that you lease a safelist from a respected safelist hosting company or network where you can be assured of fixes to any problems and a reliable hosting environment fine-tuned for safelist emails.

For a list of recommended safelist networks where you can lease your own lists, please visit our Adoptions and Leases page.

What if I want lots of Safelists?

People like to have lots of safelists for several reasons. They can bring in multiple streams of income if you are selling memberships, banner advertising and so on. Other people like to have multiple safelists to enhance their "solo advertising" businesses. This is where you can pay the admin of the list to send your email message to all members of their lists. A solo advertising company usually owns anywhere between 10 and 200 safelists.

Many of the safelist networks on our Adoptions and Leases page will provide you with bulk discounts when you sign up to lease more than 1 safelist.

Safelist Hosting Networks

Naturally, many safelist owners and admins eventually migrate to their own Safelist Hosting Network, where they own, run, manage and sell their safelists from their own server. Running your own safelist hosting network carries with it a lot more responsibility than simply leasing safelists from others. There are particular hosting requirements that must be met, support for your safelist admins and other customers, billing management and so on.

Before you consider advancing to this step, please take time to read the information we have provided about getting started on our Safelist Hosting Network and Troubleshooting pages.