Adoptions and Leases Adoptions and Leases

Ready to lease your own safelist?

Ultimate Safelist Host
Start your own safelist from scratch and add it to our preferred submitters to rapidly increase your member base. You can also adopt pre-built safelists complete with members, anywhere from 200 to 1000 members already active. Visit our Safelist Adoptions page to see what is currently available.

The Safelist Host - Bulk Specialist
Perfect for admins wanting to run a solo sending company - we offer multiple safelists in bulk only. Because we don't lease single lists, and only accept orders for multiple lists, we have kept our prices low. You are also able to choose up to 3 of your own submitters to be used with these lists and are not limited to any particular submitter we recommend.

Other recommended Safelist Networks

Ready to start your own safelist network?

Ready to go that one step further? Purchase your own safelist hosting script and you too can be selling safelists! It's quick, easy and very profitable.

Get more details here: Safelist Hosting Network