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Safelist Admins: Are you Ready?

Amazing NEW Software that lets YOU automatically send ALL your solo ads to ALL YOUR LISTS at once!

Your Solo Ads Business NEEDS Your Attention and Your Commitment. Those orders don't just fulfill themselves!

But Does it Really Need to Take up ALL Your Time?


Have you been spending hours online fulfilling your solo ad orders? Maybe you've been looking for a solution that will save time sending your ads. After all, you want to concentrate on the whole reason for your business - selling solo ads!

I know! I've been there. Running a Solo Ads business can be profitable. But I was spending so many hours logging into all the different lists on different networks, sending my contact messages, that I had no time left to market my business, and my orders dropped off. I knew there must be a way to help safelist admins save time doing this repetitive work every day. I mean, there are submitters by the dozen for sending regular safelist mail right?
So, why hasn't anybody created a way for the Safelist ADMIN to send ALL the solos to their contact mail from ONE PLACE?

I Searched Everywhere for a Program that would let me easily send my ADMIN messages
to all my lists...
when I couldn't find Anything -
I Decided to Write It Myself!

Well, here's something that will surely take your breath away - a refreshing new idea for you, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Our brand new SendSmart Pro is exactly what the doctor ordered. If you're wanting (or needing) to save hours per day on the time it takes to complete your solo ad mailings - then don't you owe it to yourself to give SendSmart Pro a good try-out?

After all, I guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied and totally excited with the results you'll get.

"Worth it's weight in gold."

WHOA!! Way to go Robyn!! This is the best tool for Safelist Admins that I have EVER seen! SendSmart Pro is soooooooo easy to use and makes sending solo ads so simple that I almost feel guilty charging to do them!

This is a product absolutely worth it's weight in GOLD!! I Thank you EVERY time I save time with SendSmart Pro!

The "Solo Rose" Ad Network
The Solo Cellar

And here are just a few of the satisfying and time-saving benefits you will enjoy when you have your own SendSmart Pro :

  • Logs in automatically to all of the most popular safelist scripts.
  • Automatically sends your ads to all your safelists before you can make that cup of tea!
  • Saves all of your safelist information in one easy-to-manage location.
  • Saves your solo ads and messages for multiple sends.
  • Provides complete statistical reports showing which ads have been sent to which lists, and more importantly, whether or not the sending was successful.
  • Allows you to concentrate more time on marketing your business to your customers instead of wasting time logging in and out of your lists.

A Solo Ads business can be profitable but it takes time to log into all the different lists on all the different networks to send to all your contacts!

Take a minute right now, and imagine all the cool things you will do with SendSmart Pro - how your Solo Ads Business will be so much more productive and efficient - and how your time spent online will change for the better.

Better yet.. Why don't you give it a try for yourself?
Take a test drive of SendSmartPro now,
and see how easy it is:

Login to SendSmart Pro Demo

Username: admindemo
Password: demo

"I can definitely see how this can change the way many admins do business online."

All I can say is bravo!

You're absolutely right, I can definitely see how this can save so much time for safelist admins.

I've been no less than impressed with the systems and products you've come out with in the past, and by far this is the MOST useful thing I've seen you come up with yet!

Fantastic Idea.

- Jewel

I'm sure by now you've seen what SendSmart Pro can do for you, and perhaps you're concerned that you might be disadvantaged by using automated sending for your mailouts. Well, that's simply not the case. We've built in every feature we can think of to ensure you have access to the same features as if you were sending your ads manually.

  • Yes - You can still PERSONALIZE your mailouts! Firstname and Lastname variables allowed by your safelist can also be used in your SendSmart Pro mailings.
  • Yes - You can still Choose which Members will receive your ads. Send to only FREE members, PAID members, or even ALL members at once.
  • Quickly login to the admin area of ANY of your lists, WITHOUT needing to remember passwords, URLs and login names.
  • Runs on your own webserver and can be installed just about anywhere (check our server requirements for full details).
  • No - You don't need to wait for your mailout to finish on each list. You can hit the SEND button once, then walk away. A complete report will be available when submissions have finished.

Time is money! You need time to market your business, or your sales drop. I know! I've been there!
I knew there must be a way to save time doing this repetitive work every day.

The only questions left to answer are these:

Do you really want to go on without enjoying the benefits of SendSmart Pro?

Can you really afford to pass up this convenient solution - and maybe kick yourself later for doing so?

(No . . . I didn't think so.)
Take me to the order link Now!


That's right - you will not risk a single penny in giving SendSmart Pro an honest try. In fact, I want you to take a full 30 Days to experience the wonderful benefits for yourself!

Refund requests for SendSmart Pro are few and far between - but if for any reason during your 30 Days no risk trial period you decide you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase - just email me and tell me so.

I'll issue a quick no-hassle 100% refund* of your full purchase price, with no questions asked. Now that's not a promise . . . it's a FACT!

Incredibly Simple System

SendSmart Pro is so EASY to use...

"It was so easy!"

You were right. It was so easy! Thanks so much - I had no problems at all and it works like a charm!

Karyn Mackenzie
Response Plus

Once you have purchased SendSmart Pro, it's yours to keep and use... for LIFE! No additional payments, no monthly membership fees.

Simply buy it, install it on your web host and use it forever.

Complete and comprehensive User Guide and Installation Instructions are included with your purchase, ensuring your setup will be as quick and painless as possible.

And for those who don't want to do any extra work, we even have options for you:

1) Purchase SendSmart Pro Only - Comprehensive installation instructions are included. You install the script on your own hosting space. Order

(immediate download from our secure member's area as soon as you have purchased SendSmart Pro)

2) Purchase SendSmart Pro and Installation - You provide us with your Hosting Information and we will install the software on your hosting account for you! Order

(instructions for purchasing installation will be provided after you have purchased SendSmart Pro)

3) Purchase SendSmart Pro and a Hosting Plan - If you currently don't have your own hosting account, we can host SendSmart Pro for you at a great price. With this option - your installation is provided FREE! Order

(instructions on how to obtain our discount hosting plans will be provided after you have purchased SendSmart Pro)

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And it's yours FREE when you purchase SendSmart Pro!

Ok, I could really save time with SendSmart Pro... How do I Get it?

The only thing left to do is to get your hands on your own SendSmart Pro - and you can do that right now. Don't you deserve it?

Just click the order link below. Remember . . . there is no risk whatsoever!

I've heard enough! What's the damage?

We have spent countless hours developing this program to be simple, easy and intuitive. Thousands of dollars have been spent on development time and we know this could have easily cost you over $2000 to pay a programmer to write it for you.

You already know this will save you hundreds of hours managing your Solo Ads business which could be worth over $500 per month in the time you now use generating sales instead of fulfilling orders.

This product has never been sold before, but we have had offers of over $300 from people desperate for a simple solution.

Affiliate Opportunity: By ordering SendSmart Pro today, you will automatically be qualified as an affiliate of the program. That means you can refer other people to this program and make 40% of each sale!

The affiliate program is ONLY available for paid customers. You may not become an affiliate until you have ordered the program. You will receive your exclusive personal affiliate invitation immediately after joining.

So, I guess you're wondering how much we're going to hit you for in order to cover all our development expenses? Well, being safelist admins ourselves, and knowing the sometimes stressful business it can be, we really didn't want to stress you any more with a price tag that was way out of reach.

If you purchase SendSmart Pro right now, you can grab your own copy (for life, remember) for only $147.00!

Warning! We can't guarantee to hold this price forever. After our initial launch, the price WILL be going back up to $197.00.

Wow! That's less than the cost of your morning cup of coffee for the next 30 days!

YES, I want to order SendSmart Pro right now!

I want to take advantage of this limited time offer!

Yes, I want free updates for life.

I will receive a personal affiliate invitation.

Just 147.00 if you order right now -
Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed*

Purchase now for only $147.00


If you reached this page via an affiliate link, you may be making 2 payments - one to our affiliate, the other to us. You must complete both payments to receive your product. After payment, you must click the "Continue" or "Return to Site" button to receive your products.

Just click the PayPal button above to make your payment.

Your payment will be processed on a secure server by PayPal. You will be redirected to the PayPal website where you may make your payment with your own PayPal account. If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can also make payment straight from your credit card, by clicking the button next to "If you do not currently have a PayPal account".

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try it risk free today! We believe in this program so much that we're giving you the complete system with the bonus at our risk, not yours!

We're willing to do this because we believe it will truly help your business. If you're not satisfied with the program, just let us know within thirty days of your purchase and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

Server Requirements
Your server must support the following:
PHP version 4.0+
MySql version 3+
CURL Module Installed

*Refunds will not be issued if you are unable to meet the server requirements, but we can assist you to find hosting that has the specifications needed.

Thanks for your business and your trust!

Ezy Brand Software
Email Us Anytime

PS: When you purchase Ezy Brand Software products, you get access to our exclusive product support team. We never leave you "out in the cold" and will be there to help you with any of our products.

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